Carvetii Decaf Coffee Bag 100 x 10g

Carvetii Decaf Coffee Bag 100 x 10g
Carvetii Decaf Coffee Bag 100 x 10g

Carvetii Decaf Coffee Bag 100 x 10g

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The most convenient way to get your hit of Carvetii! Simply drop one of these bags into a mug, add boiling water then sit back and simply wait for 4 minutes.

The bags themselves are biodegradable.

The outer sachet is recyclable.

Available in boxes of 100 and 300 sachets. Perfect for in-room coffee offerings.

The coffee currently being used in our decaf coffee bags is from a selection of small producers in the Huila region of Colombia.

Huila is quite well-known for its ideal coffee growing environments, not only thanks to the soil and climate, but also due to the hard-working producers within the region. Coffee farming in Huila is overwhelmingly small-scale. Indeed, approximately 80% of producers from the region grow coffee on less than 3 hectares of land. These small farms are tended by individual families with labour only rarely being contracted out, which leads to more thorough and intensive management practices and great pride in the final product – which is, itself, an extension of the family.

Varietals: Caturra, Colombia & Castillo

Processing: Fully washed

Altitude: 1,320 to 1,950 metres

Decaffeination Method: Carbon Dioxide

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