Espresso Machines

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    Our team has numerous years of experience when it comes to helping you choose exactly the right piece of equipment for your needs.   We offer a full consultancy service which includes advising on efficient bar layouts.

    All of this is backed up by our own in-house Tech Support.

    Leasing is also an option when it comes to financing your new equipment. You can explore the cost of financing using this interactive calculator

    Whether you choose a purchase option, or a leasing option, all new machines come with:

    Free delivery and installation
    A full barista kit
    A water filter appropriate for your water quality
    Servicing for the first year
    FLOW coffee monitoring for the first year

    Our customers can also take advantage of our extended warranty to cover their machines beyond the first year. 

    13 products
    Victoria Arduino Eagle One Espresso Machine 2 Grp
    Eagle One Prima
    Black Eagle Gravitech 2 Grp
    Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit 2 Grp
    La Spaziale S5 Range S5 2 Group
    La Spaziale S5 Range S5 Compact 2 Group
    La Spaziale S2 Range S2 Spazio 2 Grp
    La Spaziale S2 Range S2 2 Group
    La Spaziale S2 Range S2 1 Group
    La Spaziale S21 Spazio 2 Group
    Appia Life Timer
    Appia Life Compact 2 Grp
    Appia Life XT 2Grp