Training is, and always has been, at the forefront of everything we do and over the years we have evolved our in-depth training programme which goes well beyond the process of making a cup of coffee. 

There are three routes to training. 

Learning Platform

All staff can access our online learning platform. This gives the staff the core basics of making an espresso and how to make the various drinks.  We also have a section on calibrating the espresso grinder. There are opportunities throughout to ask questions of our team and assignments must be completed at various stages.

Key Staff Training Courses

Key staff, such as managers or Head Baristas can book onto one of our training courses at the Roastery. These are free of charge and are around 3 hours in duration. We currently offer training on 'Milk Foaming & Drinks Preparation' and 'Grinder Calibration'. You can book a space on our upcoming training here.

Specialty Coffee Association Courses

We also run Specialty Coffee Association courses at our Roastery at a Foundation, Intermediate and Professional level.  Although we offer the course content free of charge to our customers, there is a 'Course Enrolment Fee' which will be passed on to the Specialty Coffee Association. You can book onto one of our SCA courses here.
SCA Foundation Barista
SCA Intermediate Barista
Getting the most from Plant Based Milks

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