Perfect Moose Greg - Black

Perfect Moose Greg - Black

Perfect Moose Greg - Black

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Perfect Moose is the smart, automated foamer which takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained and gives your customers a true treat worth coming back for. Using any milk type you like.

Uses 350ml, 500ml and 750ml pitchers.

Pitchers supplied separately.


Semi-automatic espresso machine with separate steam boiler producing a constant pressure between 1.3 and 1.4 bar (max. allowed = 1.5 bar) and minimum power of 2400 watts. When connecting to a steam wand with electromagnetic valves, constant steam pressure can be hindered. Consult your espresso machine supplier when in doubt.

Water drainage: yes

Water supply: no

Works best if used alongside a pitcher rinser.

Perfect Moose Greg - Black
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