Eagle One Prima

Eagle One Prima

Eagle One Prima

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The Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima takes your home barista experience to a whole new level. It is essentially a commercial machine packed into a small package and boasts all the features you could possibly want from an espresso machine.

The dual boiler technology keeps your steam and coffee water totally separate. This allows you to set a precise coffee brewing temperature, while retaining the 2.2bar of steam pressure to produce stunning milk.

The rotary pump maintains 9 bars of pressure throughout the shot, and you can even choose to plumb this machine into your mains water supply. The solenoid steam wands and hot water tap are a joy to use and, combined with the auto purge function, the machine is just a joy to operate.

We love the additional feature of the accompanying app which allows for really simple setting of the machine parameters. Plus you can store and even share your favourite recipes.

Available in steel, black or white as standard colours, we also include a one to one session at our Roastery to help you get the most from this stunning machine.

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