Filter Blend 500g

Filter Blend 500g

Filter Blend 500g

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We have built on our expertise at creating espresso blends to develop a blend specifically for non-espresso methods of brewing. In line with our espresso blend, the components of our Filter Blend will change on a seasonal basis, making the most of fresh harvests from around the world.

Our Filter Blend currently comprises two components from Colombia and Brazil. Maria Rosa Oidor is the owned of Los Nogales in the Inzá region of Colombia. This is a specific high scoring microlot from her farm, chosen for its quality.

The farm of Pedra Redonda is 50 times bigger than that owned by Maria Rosa. It is located in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil and is owned by José Bernardes Santana.

Expect flavours of cherry, hazelnut and soft brown sugar in the cup. As it cools you will discover delicious floral notes come to the fore.

We've aimed to produce a balanced coffee with our filter blend, with just enough fruit interest combined with an easy finish - a great all rounder.

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