Appia Life XT 2Grp

Appia Life XT 2Grp

Appia Life XT 2Grp

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Proven performance, new generation: designed for consistent, exceptional coffee. Appia Life features the same proven technology as previous Appia models with new, improved features. Includes built in volumetric dosing, push & pull levers, soft-touch portafilter, adjustable steel steam wand, wide-work surface, water level indicator and dual scale pressure gauge.

Reliable performance, maximum quality: dependable and consistent quality coffee. Features include Soft Infusion System (SIS), which gently pre-wets the coffee cake for a gentle, even extraction resulting in maximum flavour. Made from durable and sustainable materials.

Less machine, more engagement: Appia Life features a 30mm lower profile than its previous model for increased customer interaction. Its cup warmer is aligned to the top of machine for easier reach and speed.

New barista-friendly design: designed for simplicity of use. The XT version includes a digital display providing a more controlled barista experience showing the most important data about dose, programming, counters, cleaning, machine settings and shot times. In addition, LED lights illuminate the work area and cool touch steam wands give a barista more comfort than ever. All in a sleek look with chrome panels.

Smart and simple: unique features keep things simple. Automatic cleaning function, easy maintenance with adjustable nozzle, new side opening system and redesigned groups to ensure minimal disruption.

Energy efficiency: Improved insulation thanks to Drytex® Thermical technology wrapped around the boiler. 13% less energy consumption and 20% overall reduction in energy consumption and environmental impact than previous model*.

* Appia II vs Appia Life Lifecycle Assessment

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